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ASAKAby the Numbers

The number of years since Asaka’s founding. We started as a wholesaler of premium cutlery and other edged tools in Sakai, which was then a flourishing commercial area.

The number of years since the Golden Elephant logo was adopted (as of 2020). Since 1905, the logo has been a symbol for generations of strength and flexibility, with feet planted firmly on the ground.

The approximate number of shovel types that we manufacture at our domestic factories. Asaka is your source for innovative products that meet every user need.

The number of kilograms of load that our Golden Elephant-logo shovels can withstand. The JIS standard test load for shovels is 80 kilograms, which means that our shovels test well above standard.
Golden Elephant logo Pipe-handled shovel, round type

The approximate number of products Asaka offers. We began as a wholesaler of hand-crafted tools, and today, we continue to sell superior tools made by a variety of manufacturers to meet every need, in addition to products we manufacture ourselves.

Asaka’s share of the domestic shovel market.
We manufacture superior Made in Japan tools with pride.
Source: Sales data collected by the Japan Shovel and Scoop Industry Cooperative.

The number of countries Asaka exports to. These include countries in Africa and the Middle East, Europe and North America, as well as Australia, Korea, and Taiwan (as of 2020).

The number of products we export (as of 2020). Asaka is filling a constant stream of orders from international markets, where these products continue to bring great satisfaction to our customers.