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In order to make the most of the properties of wood, we've carefully selected only the highest quality materials. Our traditional style wooden mauls have been carefully designed with a delicate balance of strength and weight to be as easy to use as possible for professionals. You'll notice the difference in power as you strike the pile.

ITEM NO. Description Entire Length Blade Width Weight
110601 Handy Wooden Maul 110601 type, with Steel Plate 75mmx75mmx150mm 320mm 0.9kg
110631 Handy Wooden Maul 110631 type 90mmx90mmx150mm 600mm 1.5kg
110129 Octagon Wooden Maul 110129 type Φ105mmx240mm 900mm 2.82kg
110136 Octagon Wooden Maul 110136 type Φ120mmx240mm 900mm 3.62kg
110143 Octagon Wooden Maul 110143 type Φ135mmx240mm 900mm 4.42kg
110150 Octagon Wooden Maul 110150 type Φ150mmx240mm 900mm 4.72kg
112057 Mallet 75 Φ75mmx170mm 390mm 0.85kg
112064 Mallet 90 Φ90mmx180mm 420mm 1kg
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