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Asaka was founded in 1661 as a wholesaler of edged tools and cutlery such as kitchen knives, at a time when there were still samurai in Japan. When the country opened to the West, Western technology and culture flowed into Japan, and in the early 1890s,our then-president, anticipating a future increase in engineering and construction activity, began developing shovels.

The history of Asaka Industrial Co., Ltd.

What's Golden Elephant?
High-quality Asaka shovels—ergonomically designed, easy to use, and durable—have gained widespread popularity, and our Golden Elephant logo is a symbol of strength, ease of use, and robustness that is beloved throughout the world.
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A commitment to quality
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Asaka shovels are designed to "cut earth."
Asaka began with edged tools. Our blade-sharpening expertise guarantees keen cutting edges for shovels and ensures easy penetration of even hard soil. Asaka shovel blades are also hard yet flexible, thanks to our sophisticated heat treatment technology, which includes quenching and tempering. An extremely hard yet flexible shovel blade makes it easy to excavate earth and stones.
Expertise and specialized technology, honed over 360 years. Asaka is proud to produce products that are second to none.